MobGeek - teaching mobile to anyone in Brazil!

After having developed mobile apps in Brazil for one year, we've felt the pain of finding mobile coders and designers down there. 

MobGeek, just launched, is a website to change the landscape of online technical training in the largest South American country - wich has the world's 6th largest economy.

MobGeek e-learning platform offers online video training to teach any Brazilian how to build mobile apps: a developer can enhance his/her iOS skills, an entrepreneur can learn how to build a mock up app, your neighbor can start building his/her first mobile game.

Since less than 5% of Brazilians speak advanced English, our courses are 100% in Portuguese.

We are not simply a video training website, though.  We are creating the top qualification destination on mobile in Brazil, offering very practical, hands-on classes and tutorials for individuals with intermediate or even no programming skills.  MobGeek is bringing a lot of free content as tutorials, tips and tricks to help professionals conquer the super hot mobile market.

That's MobGeek, working really hard to avoid a skilled people blackout in Brazil.