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Mo Xperiments

Name: Mo Hashim

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Brand Name: MO Xperiments

Slogan: Always Experimenting

Mission Statement: MO is an innovative brand that embraces the process of playing around and experimenting to develop unique and original footwear and clothing designs.

My Portfolio:

My Instagram: @MoHashim3

About the Brand:
The brand name is pronounced as MOE, but written as MO. The word MO is the abbreviation for (Modus Operandi) translated as (Method of Operating). Basically MO is analyzing how people work, and the way MO works is through experimenting with things to come up with original ideas. So that's how MO Xperiments was developed as a brand name. MO is also my nick name But it is also reflection of who I am.

As I said MO is a reflection of who I am, meaning they are certain type of styles the I always go with; for example using the color black, graphical style, condensed fonts, and a film look. However even though this is the type of stuff that I mostly do, I sometimes reach a stage of not being innovative enough, thus I started doing things that I don't usually do, and that's how the word Xperiments came in place.

One of the main goals of the brand is to make people become passionate about the brand and feel more attached to it. Big brands like Adidas and Nike live longer not because they're older, but because they have found a way to reach people's hearts or interests. By making a brand interesting, either by quality, looks or story telling you can achieve a better audience, an audience that likes who you are and what you represent.

I usually look at people that have done or made huge impact to their industries that they are enrolled in. People like karl Lagerfeld and Takashi Murakami, these names are like genres by themselves. Takashi Murakami's art is like on its on genre, I remember people telling me about my first Deadmau5 FanArt and I did it look like a Murakami artwork because of the colourful colors I used in it. And Karl Lagerfeld, has this really recognizable way in wearing his own clothes I wish I can get one for my own! Now that's where I would like to go, is having people liking my way of lifestyle and looking at it so authentically as if it needs to be categorized separately then the rest.

The Logo:
One of the most effective advantages that this logo has is simplicity, it only contains two letters and a star symbol. The simplicity allows the eye to easily recognize it from from far distance and can be easily memorable. Another advantage is that you can easily make different artworks with a simple logo like that, example if you look at logos like Mtv and adidas they always create t-shirts that have the logo re-drawn or redesigned.

My Footwear Designs:

This project was called Band Sneakers becuase it was inspired by band Jackets or also known as Military Jackets. You can view the project at my Coroflot account for full resolution.

As you can see, the brand is mostly about Footwear but I still have a mini t-shirt coloection to include! Look Below!

Personal Experience:
I had a long struggle when I started to develop my identity, not my brand. I have been always inspired by other's work, but inspiration sometimes creates a big challenge, in which your trying your best to get motivated from it and not to copy from it. Copying is not being inspired. So the only way that helped me to find or discover my identity is by playing around and experimenting things, thus I learned and found out what I'm capable and what I like to do.

Even if I don't win, what counts is that I got it reviewed by Jeff Staple and shared it with other passionate people that respect the efforts put towards building a brand. And I hope I got a nice shout out to the people in the footwear or fashion industry.

If there is any need to contact me please e-mail me at  [email protected]

And check my Full Portfolio at Coroflot:
And my Instagram: @MoHashim3
My DeviantArt:

Thanks for reading my page, I really appreciate that you put the time to look at my project. And if you gave me a like, because you liked my work, story or brand I deeply thank you for the support.

Mo Hashim


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