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Mo Man

So i already had a pinterest up and running, it's full of the things that inspire me, art, design, tattoos, graffiti, packaging, fashion, etc. the only things not pinned are my less digital inspirations, things like music, books, films, the places ive been, etc. However since i am constantly adding to my online inspiration i feel like my pinterest is pretty full without me adding all of those too.

Here is a link to my pinterest and inspiration boards:

So it took me a while to decide what type of character i wanted to create, i wanted to do something other than a pirate, in the end i went for something which would focus around my love/obsession with 'taches.

Here is my pinterest board of inspiration for this character:



Mo. 3




In the end, and very unintentionally, he turned out very much like the monopoly man. However i still like him and will be choosing from one of these six to develop further.

So i've decided to go for Mo.6, i did edit his arm slightly which i think looks less awkward than it did before other thna that he's remained the same, here he is in all his colourful shaped glory.

Here he is mid-rendering, colouring starting to look a bit less bright and more like a proper, sophisticated gentleman.

Here's my rendered Moustache Man, a few of you have commented on the line left in the early rendered stage, hopefully on this one you can see that i didn't like the original angle of his arm that's holding the walking stick, so i moved it further into his side at a more natural angle.

So I'm thinking this is my final version, I had alot of trouble deciding on texture and a background, I ended up putting just a bit of texture on his trousers and jacket, nothing massively noticable. For the background I wanted to match the old fashioned styling so did more of an old photograph colouring, hopefully it doesnt detract too much from my little Moustache Man. Any comments, opinions or constructive criticism is welcome.


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