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Jan Sheps




Mme la Robin

I don't have a pet but I love birds and often use them in my artwork. I am an Illustrator lover so when I saw Anne's class I thought it was time to conquer my fear of drawing using Photoshop. So far I have only used Photoshop for creating surface patterns.

This is a screenshot of photos of my favourite robin plus a couple of quick sketches. I wanted my robin to look like it was in a hurry so have added a flying scarf.


It took ages to grasp the masking process but how amazing it is! I might be here is my robin so far - I have only got as far as no.4 'creating your base illustration' but got carried away and applied one of my watercolours patterns to the scarf. I've hidden the outlines because I like it simple for the moment. Can't wait to see the next videos!

Step 2: Adding details/shading

I spent some time refining the general shape of Mme la Robin and have improved the eye by reducing the size and adding an outline behind to make the eye look beadier and more in character. I split the scarf into 3 parts and added some of the robins head round at the back. Had some problems trying to do this with the pen tool.



 I had a problem with using the pen tool here - I added the pattern as a fill layer but then I did a free transform to move the shape and can't seem to get rid of the black line as shown here. Any ideas? Update: Anne suggested it was a work path that wouldn't actually print - can drag the layer from the paths palette to the bin.

Determined to get to grips with Photoshop and finally succeeded, thanks to this wonderful tutorial....

Finished illustrations:


Tried outlining, textures and fills - really pleased that I stuck with it! I enjoyed experimenting with masks and clipping patterns and textures into layers, then changing colours. This is right out of my comfort zone but things are changing - very excited to be able to take my illustrations to a new level.

And another version to accentuate my robins girliness:


I have learned a massive number of new skills with this class. No longer scared of using Photoshop. It's a brilliant tool and I'm looking forward to breathing new life into my illustrations now. Thank you Anne.


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