Mixed Media fox

Mixed Media fox - image 1 - student project

 I decided that for this piece, I would use watercolor and soft core Prismacolor pencils.

First step was to lightly sketch the general image of the fox with a pencil someone gave me from the Dollar Tree. Some cheaply made pencils have really light led, which works for my sketching phases, as they can be easily erased with a good quality white eraser. I did this on smooth Bristol paper.


The reference image is at this link. I didn't think to choose a picture that was royalty free or open stock, which is something for me to take in consideration next time.

Mixed Media fox - image 2 - student project

From there, I decided to use a micron pen to ink in any areas I thought would be key dark areas.


Mixed Media fox - image 3 - student project

Next I used an angular "The Fine Touch" 1/8 brush and Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolors to block in swaths of color.  I felt that this was the most effective way to put down colors, as this was to incorporate colored pencil as well, and anyone who uses colored pencil knows how long they take to use. I used the brush at various angles so that this underlay of color could emulate shadows in the fur.

I know Bristol paper is not used for watercolor, but in my experience, its okay to use. I have watercolor paper, but I love the smoothness of Bristol paper. Plus, it works better for the colored pencil part.


Mixed Media fox - image 4 - student projectThe set of Cotmans I have do not include a pure black. I think this is nice to create natural looking blacks. In this case, the fox had areas of pure black that I felt needed to be addressed. I have a Mission Gold Watercolor set that has Ivory Black, so I used the black.

I did not use Mission Gold as the main watercolor just because their pigments are quite saturated, while Cotman colors in comparison have more natural tones that I felt work better in this piece. Its not that the Mission Gold cant be used for natural colors, its just it would take work that I can easily skip.
Mixed Media fox - image 5 - student project


One of my biggest reckless spending habits is buying art supplies that are on sale just because they are on sale.  The one purchase used here was my 120 set of Prismacolor soft core colored pencils. They were being sold for $60 Amazon last year so I purchased them. I didn't use them until this year March, and even after that I didn't use them because it took more than 20 hours for this--

Mixed Media fox - image 6 - student project

--which is Quite Flat for something that took 20+ hours. Which admittedly was because I didn't know how to really use the colored pencils, and was on toothy mixed media paper. But still.

Mixed Media fox - image 7 - student project

For the fox piece, I used different tones to define edges and shading. I didn't have to work too in-depth on the orange areas because I had the watercolor underlayer, and in some shadowy areas of the fur, I believe the watercolor colored pencil combination made the white fur work. Perhaps I worked too harshly on the edges of the fur.


 I also realized that the use of ink was completely detractive to the whole piece, except for the whiskers and eyes. I am sure I used ink more than I should have just because I have a bias for ink lineart.


I have been having sciatic nerve pain for the last few weeks, so I decided that it would be a great day to work on a Skillshare assignment, since there was no excuse as to why I couldn't. I was stuck to my chair, literally couldn't go anywhere else, and I saw Kendyll Hillegas advertise this class on her Instagram story.

This piece isn't realistic to me, but Im proud of it. This took about 3 hours total, which for me is quite quick, as most take at least 6 for my detailed works. Im not sure if thats because I am not effective or I just need the time, but I had fun either way. This was out of my comfort zone, as I don't usually make semi realistic art, I aim to make inked scifi fantasy illustration art (shameless plug), but I love to learn all kinds of art.  I want to try out the colored pencils more often and to find a way to blend them more smoothly. I also want to try more lineless artwork. 


Mixed Media fox - image 8 - student project


Thanks for the class I learned a lot!! Thanks to all who read this entire thing, this is a lot lol. Took long to get a non-shake pic of the Final Deal too