Mixed Media Map of Maui

Mixed Media Map of Maui - student project

My project will be a Mixed Media Map of Maui.  It will probably be executed with some of the tools I've shown here (the dog toy is thrown in to remind me this is for fun and not to get too weird about it).    I really have no preconceived notion of what it will look like or even what will be included in it at this point, other than it will include a mix of roads, terrain and  landmarks as well as some of my personal take-aways - those things that really touch my soul and make my heart sing on my upcoming trip.   It is a map that will live on a wall in my home, to remind me of an adventure, and my plan is for it to be the first of many.


FINAL PROJECT NOT DONE YET .... Been traveling, wont be able to meet the deadline, but came home with lots of visuals and decisions for what will be included on my final map!  Not clear on whether it makes any sense to post images past deadline or not ... ??


IMAGINARY CITY EXERCISE:  Created in "Paper" on iPad.  Background color field inspired by the indescribably beautiful colors of the water in Maui, which will definitely be a major player in my final project.  

Mixed Media Map of Maui - image 1 - student project

exercise 1 - hand drawn map #1 - route to the mailbox.  It's a daily ritual:  through the trail in the woods to the mailbox, get the mail and my neighbor's newspaper, and drop his paper in the dropbox we've set up to save him a trip out to the road.  Along the way my dog collects his own news of wildlife happenings in the area.

Mixed Media Map of Maui - image 2 - student project

exercise 1 - hand drawn map #2 - what my kitchen garden looked like at the end of last growing season.  I let some of the leeks go to seed, the purple potatoes naturalized themselves, and the oregano thinks its a native plant.  Very unruly and chaotic!  But it's my favorite place to sit in the sun, watch the bees work, and collect handfuls of whatever looks good enough to become dinner later.

Mixed Media Map of Maui - image 3 - student project