Mixed Media Mango

Mixed Media Mango - student project

First of all thank you so much Kendyll for sharing this class! Even though I consider myself as someone who already had a solid knowledge about color, your class had a great value for me. I love coming back to color theory on a regular basis, because in my mind its the crucial aspect of every painting. 


My project process:

After I sketched out the outline of the fruit, I started my painting with a light wash of watercolor to figure out the overall values of the mango. Since I don't like to do a graphite value studie beforehand I use the light wash stage of a painting to serve the purpose of a study. Usually that serves my style of painting even better because in this way I can already see, if my color choices are about right as well and I can save some time during the process. But for sure, doing a graphite sketch beforehand would be even better.

From this stage on I started layering watercolor washes on top to deepen the colors and to build up the values. 

On top of the watercolor I used a lot of different colored pencils to deepen the colors and to refine my painting.  

Towards the end of the painting I painted some highlights with an arcrylic ink marker and added some final touches with the colored pencils. 

Here you can see all the work in progress stages of my painting: 

Mixed Media Mango - image 1 - student project


I hope you'll like it! I had a lot of fun with that piece :) 

Sarah Janser
Freelance Illustrator