Mixed Media Magic

Mixed Media Magic - student project

So as you can see, I’m a little bit obsessed with Steven Universe right now. Can’t get enough of it. It made me feel better when I’m feeling down for some reason. 

There’s not much of a story to the first page, as those are just practice rounds. But I did ruin 4 of my cheaper brushes with the masking fluid application... That was no fun. 
Mixed Media Magic - image 1 - student project

But for my final project, at first I wanted paint Rose Quart’s room because the whole room is made of pink clouds. However, after more contemplating I decided on Lapis. Rose is loving and fluffy, and that’s not me. I’m more like Lapis. Sad and angry, lots of trauma, but trying to be better and connecting more with others.

So I drew my sketch. Repositioned the moon a million times. Painted Lapis first. Covered up the water drops around her wings with masking fluid (ruining yet another brush!!!). And went to town on the background. At first I wanted the sky to be just blue and indigo, but I had some left over violet on my pan, so what the hey! 

But the background didn’t turn out that well. it wasn’t dark like I wanted. Even after I added some colored pencil halo on the moon, I was still unhappy. 

Mixed Media Magic - image 2 - student project

This sketchbook is old, so the paper is very thirsty for paint. It drank up most of it. 

After hating myself for a day for ruining my own project, I saw an opportunity to make more clouds. The way the paint dried already made it look magical in a way, so more clouds came. I also used acrylic on the wings to make it look like moving waves. 

Mixed Media Magic - image 3 - student project


Of course... no painting is complete without shimmer! 

Mixed Media Magic - image 4 - student project
Mixed Media Magic - image 5 - student projectMixed Media Magic - image 6 - student project


I’m so happy with this page of my learning sketchbook!

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