Mix of blues

Mix of blues - student project

Mix of blues - image 1 - student project


Never done anything like this but I had so much fun doing this project! Of course it had to be a cat theme as well :)

The setting up of the layout went really easy thanks to the tips of Tabitha. I put the items on my desk, which is also standing next to a white wall. So the white wall acted a little as reflector. I followed the Lightroom editing process step by step and I'm happy with the result! Really learned a lot about the graduated filter, and the content aware fill in Photoshop is like magic! Below are some alternate shots of the flat lay.

I also had a go at the reverse video... Wasn't happy with the first take so I had to do another one haha. I hope the link works.



Very curious to hear your thoughts!

Thank you again Tabitha for such a wonderful class :)



Mix of blues - image 2 - student project


Mix of blues - image 3 - student project


Mix of blues - image 4 - student project