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Mix Media Experiments - student project

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Hi!! I usually use ink, a white posca pen or a gel pen, and my watercolors when sketching. Experimenting with pastel, colored pencils and a graphite pencil was fun! Although I didn´t achieved what I was expecting, I guess with practice I will. I feel there´s no much contrast and that the sketch is quite flat, doesn´t look as a sunny day like in the picture. I guess that deeper shadows and higher lights it´s what is missing here.

In the sketch of the soda cans I used ink and a posca pen too, I felt I couldn´t leave them apart ha ha ha. I´m hoping that for the next sketch I can grab some Neocolors cause they look like a lot of fun.

Thanks for the class, I enjoyed it a lot!! I follow you on YouTube, so when I found out you have classes on Skillshare, I was thrilled!!!