Mitch Bolton

Mostly Wonderful




I've been doing my own version of sketchnoting for several years. They started off pretty personal, but have grown into work I do for others. I used to be pretty quick with them, being able to wrap them up within an hour after the talk, but the time has increased lately. Since I'm self-taught, I'd like to fill in some blanks, and recapture the paraphrasing that I used to do so well.

Lesson 1: Finding my script


Since I've been doing this for a bit, I have a script that I'm pretty quick and hopefully clear with. I would love some input on it, and I'm willing to adjust it.

Lesson 2: Drawing


I think I spend too much time on lettering. Handlettering was a side project I attempted, but never excelled at, but it's leaked into my notes, and takes up quite a bit of time. I have some stock people doodles already (mostly circles with dots), and since drawing is my background, doing phones, and houses are pretty simple. I did enjoy experimenting with some new techniques.

I'm about to dive into Lesson 3. I'll do it with my current way for some input.


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