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Below is my mother's story. I am helping her to sell her crochet items on Etsy to help her earn additional income. She works as a bookkeeper at an Elementary School.

"Mother of two children who has a passion for crocheting! My mother taught me when I was younger and I have continued on from there!

Crocheting is something I do on my spare time to relax. Since I enjoy crocheting so much I have created a lots of scarves, ear warmer headbands and hats. I have given my creations to family and friends as gifts during the holiday season and they love their pieces! I look forward to sharing my pieces with others to enjoy!"

I have created an Etsy shop a few months ago and have about 30 pieces for sale.

I am having trouble getting consistent traffic to the shop and have not sold a piece. I am hoping to learn more here to sell a few of the items she has crocheted. 

Please see below a few of the items she has crocheted and that are listed on the shop:


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