Misunderstood Shark

Misunderstood Shark - student project

My favourite sea animal is the Shark, the whale shark is my favourite, but who doesn't like JAWS, right?

I started my research on Pinterest, followed by Google

Misunderstood Shark - image 1 - student project

  I felt forced to come up with a catchy phrase or a cool quote that could relate to sharks without being a JAWS quote or a Fact from Discovery Chanel, and by the time the Thumbnail sketching came, I was more than nervous to draw, because I had no idea what to draw.

But all I could think of was Shark Week of Discovery Channel, and then all the documentaries I've watched throughout my life, and all I could come up with is that the shark was pretty much like me in the sight of my siblings: Misunderstood.

So... that's it, I had fun taking this class.

Misunderstood Shark - image 2 - student project



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