Misty forest

Misty forest - student project

I had lots of fun with these exercices! I learned to paint pine trees, in mist quite a number of ways! I learned a lot, and took notes, because some were not quite up to par : too much water, too much pigment for the mist.... I need to learn to contain myself! ;)


Misty forest - image 1 - student project


And also, during this class, I tested out this new tool for me : the sponge. I've been watching Sarah paint with this tool for some time now ... I finally got myself one of those. They are so fun to play with!

Misty forest - image 2 - student project


And I also learned a  new color combo to make some gray.... so I did not use the exact same colors, but I got an interestin array of greys, blues, greens and everything in between with Prussian blue, Payne's gray, Burnt umber (van Gogh) and Quinachridone gold (Holbein). Lots of fun. 

I also learned the fun of an evolving mix. A line of trees, then a bit more of blue. Another line of trees, then a little more gold, tryinh to make a gray.... Lots of exploration, lots of fun! 

Misty forest - image 3 - student project


In the end, I had lots of fun trying out the misty forest. I believe I had a heavy hand with the white ink, but practice is what I need I guess! Lots of fun, And I really love learning to use a flat brush for those trees. Will try again for sure. Thank you Sarah for the teaching!


Misty forest - image 4 - student project

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