Misty Forest First Try

Misty Forest First Try - student project

I didn't use the reference photo because I usually get very frustrated if I don't achieve the same result (I know, I have to work a lot to let go on perfectionism); so I decided to apply the techniques I watched in this tutorial on whatever my imagination thought to be a misty forest. It doesn't look at all like what I imagined it to be when I started, but that's totally ok.

The good: 

* It looks pretty ok from a distance;

* I enjoyed watching the tutorial and I love the way Sarah teaches her techniques;

*I am convinced now, after the first try, that with practice I'll manage to do better.


The not-so-good:

* I used a very small canvas (18x24 cm), I might have used too much paint and the brushwork was a bit difficult given the canvas dimension;

* I didn't have any of the recommended oil paints, so I worked instead with: Zinc White, Prussian Blue, Winsor Blue, Permanent Green Deep, Ivory Black (all Winsor and Newton); the downside is that I couldn't achieve the expected atmosphere because of the color palette. 

* Those trees need lots of practice to look more realistic, and I think the brush I used wasn't necessarily the most suitable for this detail work. 

Can't wait for the next tutorial!

Misty Forest First Try - image 1 - student project