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Joyce Kang

Founder/Designer - MISTER BE Clothing



Mister Be Clothing

BRAND NAME: Mister Be Clothing

SLOGAN: Be the Original


Mister Be Clothing was originally founded in 2007 by Joyce Kang. She was doodling away like usual in her highschool art class when she began to develop the first character that now represents the Mister Be icon.These 9 faces are actually one of the first original sketches that she drew up for the brand:

It was more of a side project/hobby for her at the time but more recently in 2013, she put more focus into the brand after receiving positive feedback from friends, buyers and fans. So she gathered a team of friends and with their help, they began spreading the word and attending shows, promotions, etc. They've grown rapidly within this year from a collection of basic tees that now also include handmade bags and accessories.


The meaning of Mister Be originally came from the simple word BE. The definition of BE is: to live, exist, go and subsist. Basically we wanted to create a brand enveloping this meaning by putting out designs that mirror and relate to everyday living and different street cultures, primarily graffiti, hip hop and skateboarding since we grew up heavily influenced by these cultures. We also wanted to differentiate ourselves from the other streetwear brands by designing logos/designs with characters that will be the signature behind our brand. We were also tired of going to stores and looking through the racks to only find the same graphic designs/lettering that have been recycled throughout the years. We want to start something new and inspire our fans with real art illustrations that were done with pen and paper, not behind a computer screen. Our designs are definitely one of a kind and Mister Be Clothing hopes to continue to spread our art to the rest of the world and keep the streetwear movement exciting and always evolving. 


This is our brand logo and wordmark we use on most of our products. The logo consists of a bear with a swirl in the middle of its forehead. It also has our brand initials "M" and "B" incorporated into its ears. The font we are using matches our feel as a brand because it is a little bit on the cartoon/character side and different than the usual neat fonts that most other brands use. 


We started out with basic screen printed tees in the beginning with a couple characters but now have expanded our collections to include an array of unique characters, and also handmade bags, pillows, and other accessories. 

Our biggest accomplishment so far would be the addition of our limited edition bags that founder Joyce Kang herself constructs: She designs the fabric, cuts the fabric, and sews the fabric together. We always wanted to make limited edition pieces that our fans would love and appreciate knowing that these pieces are not mass produced but hand crafted. These handmade bags have been a big hit for us and we are only getting started. 


Mister Be Clothing is only getting started and we are excited about what the future holds for us. We hope people appreciate the hardwork and dedication we put into every product we put out. But most importantly we hope to keep the streetwear industry evolving, inspire others to be the original and just BE. 



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