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Ingrid Elias

Photographer, Illustrator, Professional Doodler



Mistaking Clouds for Mountains



Just started my project today. I've been rather inspired by Andrew Bird recently so I decided to take one of my favorite lyrics from one of his songs. "Mistaking Mountains for Clouds" from the song Danse Caribe.


Mood Boards

This first one is for my color ideas. I want to stick to muted colors; light blues, browns, tans, and maybe yellows or yellowy-greens too. I also really want one or two dark colors in the same color scheme that contrast these lighter colors.

This next one is just image ideas. I want to abstract the mountains in my image somehow by using methods that make them look cloudy or faded (this is also partially for texture ideas). I also like the idea of just simplifying the shapes down but keeping them recognizable.

This last one is the text inspiration. I really liked the curves and flourishes that these vintage French posters had in them. The type is very elegant and legible but also catches the eye because it is clean and stands out.


Finally got my new scanner/printer working....

The scan cut off some of the side but whatever. Just playing around with the different styles that were recommended. I want my finished product to be more like a band poster or something so I don't know how funky I'm going to let the type get.


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