Mistake drafts/brainstorming

<I'm basically just jotting things down right now, sorry if it gets a little messy! I'm very excited.

Right now it's mostly just a list of mistakes so I can figure out what I actually want to write about. Any feedback is appreciated!>


-misgendering keene in 1st grade

-accidentally leaving my grandparents a voicemail where I called them "senile"

-I honestly feel like my whole adult life is just a series of small but regrettable mistakes. I know that this is a really cliche 20-soemthing thought.

-I'm sure there are a million more but I've only had one cup of coffee and this is sort of depressing to think about before I'm even really fully awake. I'll think of some more at work. (I'll probably make some more at work too.)

What is a mistake? -error in judgement, miscommunication, misunderstanding

noun or verb

n:  "an error or fault resulting from defective judgement, deficient knowledge, or carelessness"

v: "to understand wrongly, to misinterpret"


I've always been an easy cryer. I'm even worse than my mother, a woman who has brought to tears more than once by overly sentimental television commercials. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's the way I've always been. 

It was the first week of the first grade, and I was a mess.


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