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Mission Fit Daddy

This video will be part of a 12 week series. Each weekly epsode will document my journey as I attempt to lose weight.  The target audience will be busy dads that are juggling career and family life but still want to be fit.

The videos will consist of 3 short segments:

1) The challenges I faced during the week and how I performed.

2) A tip of the week for the busy dad.  This could be a time saver tip since time is hard to come by with the busy dad.  For example it could be a tip on food preparation that saves time.  This would be the demonstration part of the video.

3) Wrap-up with the weekly weigh-in.  Show a before pict compared with the more recent body shot pict.

I want to establish a connection with my audience since I too am a busy dad juggling career and family. I want to show that I can do it and show my audience tips and tricks of what I've learned along the way. The goal is to leave the audience with something of value that they have learned that they can incorporate themselves.  I will also promote my weight loss system that I endorse and I'm hoping that when my audience sees the progress that I'm making, it will be a compelling enough story to make them want to buy the system too.


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