Story ideas

1. Kero
The story about how we got Kero. The excitement and anticipation in the car about going to the pound to get a new dog. When we get there we start walking down the rows of dogs in cages. Many were sleeping at the back shy about so many strangers when we walk past this beautiful golden border collie looking hopeful at the front of his cage. We instantly fall in love and ask if we could play with him a bit. A volunteer opens the door and I crouch down and he walks straight to me and puts his head in my lap. (Possibly add: That we had to bring our current dog to see if they were compatible). Everything is dandy and we take him home in the car.

2. Missing!

Took Andreas of of his cage in the morning and put him on the playpen with the other birds. I then went to grab something quickly and came back to find Andreas is gone. I look around the play area and I can’t see him. I start calling out his name and looking if he’s flown to one of the other rooms to visit. The rest of my family start to help out and we all start searching including looking outside as dad had been doing laundry and we were worried he flew outside. Desperately I check the play area again when I hear a quiet croak. I look down to find a blue blob crouching quietly in the birdy treats box trying not to be seen.

3. Who done it?

Checking in on our rescue kittens at the time we realised they again had created a huge mess. So we ended up washing and drying them that evening. Once we were done we picked up two and decided to sit down on the couch and quietly watch a movie. After a while there was a sudden stench which was horrifying. Looking around we realise it was one of the kittens, but it was too late. Sam picked up the kitten to take him to the bathroom but the poop already happened.


Had a think through and chatted with some friends and I've decided I'm going to go on with idea 2 as it'll let me explore some interesting perspectives and scenes.

So onto the research! Here is the trickster.

My parent's house layout based off memory and google maps. Drew in most things as I'm still going to work out how exactly the area will be explored.

Some studies of Andreas.

Scenery study. Not directly related as I don't have any photos of my family home, but I will do some shortly from memory.


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