Missing the new old me.

A Little more than 1 year ago, I closed up shop at a martial arts and fitness facility due to a terrible business partner.  I went back to my old job and over the course of my return to now, I've gained about 40lbs and negatively impacting inches.  I've seen it slowly come on but post depression of my loss really didn't give me any incentive to keep up my form.  Mind you, I wasn't small to begin with and I floated in the 225-235lb range since college.  At the start of my 2 year endeavor with this business, I was almost down to my goal weight and felt pretty good about myself.  Now I'm floating at the 240-245lb mark and am not very happy with myself. 

Weight is just a number but that base line measurement puts me into the area where I feel good about myself again.  This is mainly because I get corresponding numbers.  So, for now, my singular goal is to hit my 200lb goal.  We'll see what happens along the way.

Oh yeah, I'm also training for the Zombie Run 5k in September.  ;)


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