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Missing out on creativity

I've come to realize that I work best when I have deadlines and hardly complete tasks when I don't. I've been going to school for my BFA for almost two years now full time (online) and used to a heavy workload. Although my schedule was almost non-existent and I was running coffee every day to get me thru my homework. I was good at writing assignments down and estimating how long they would take to complete but when I would sleep in or not start my homework until noon then I was in for a long day that ran well into the night. This was a disaster, I felt like I couldn't escape, and this had gone on for almost as long as I have been in school. When I saw this class I knew I had to take it and get my act together before the fall term starts. But then even in-between classes when I didn’t have any important commitments other than taking my son to school my day was wide open that I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do that I ended up wasting many days that I could have been productive.

I used to think that I wasn’t a procrastinator but it turns out I was in denial and a terrible one. So many wasted opportunities that I wasn’t taking advantage of because I thought I could do it later. Sometimes I blame living in Japan (and not knowing the language) for not pushing forward and waiting until I move back to America. But really that is no excuse to practice and when the time comes look for work/internship and create a bigger network. I’ve realized that I need to stop pushing everything off until later, I need to do things now to make my dream a reality. I want and need this to happen for myself and I can only make it come true.

Early on I had tried using Evernote to save my module readings for school that I could take with me on my tablet while running errands so I didn’t have to do it on my phone. But none of the pictures that I needed were saving into the app so I ended up deleting it. I was doing well at keeping an agenda and writing down daily the assignments I had to do and crossed them off as I did them. For any errands I had to run I would write on my ‘sticky notes’ on my desktop where things would get a little cluttered. Since using this class I’ve started using Todoist and love it! I have everything I need and synced with my phone and email. I love being able to save links into this app so I can read them later, normally they would be put in favourites where they would be long forgotten and never read. I haven’t downloaded any other app since I do still use the calendar on my phone and sticky notes. Once school starts I will probably try out the other apps provided to see if they help keep on track with my homework, housework, and errands.


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