MissMarck's Graphic Novel

MissMarck's Graphic Novel - student project

For my sample project, I thought I'd use the story I'm hoping to work on for my next graphic novel. It's probably going to change and evolve as I work, but for now, these are the most important elements. (Also, when I'm drafting a story, I don't stress about names/titles in the beginning. My nephew suggested calling the "others" Shades, so that's my codename during the drafting phase!)



If freedom is the price, the cost is too high.



A young female Shade Hunter meets a Shade who shows compassion

The two of them team up to try and bring peace

The Shade Hunter discovers what really happens when Shades are captured

She ultimately turns her back on the Hunter Guild, causing a schism

She sacrifices her own powers to set the Shades free


I'm also planning on sharing more about the key plot points in a few days!

(The art for this project was some early concept work I've started drafting.)

Mary Marck
Comic artist and writer