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Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk

Nov 11 : notes

Miss Spider's Tea Party, by David Kirk, is one of my favorite children's books. My 6 year old daughter insists she is too old for it, but I keep dragging it off the shelf to read anyway.

It's a poem about a spider who hosts a tea party that no one comes too because all the insects are too afraid. She tries and tries to convince them to come, but beetles, fireflies, bees, ants, butterflies are too timid to try. Then, a moth's wings become too damp to fly away and Miss Spider:

"...smiled and took a checkered cloth
To cloak the and thankful moth.
They talked and snacked on tea and pie
Until his tiny wings were dry.
Then lifting him with tender care
She tossed him gently in the air."

The moth spreads the word that there isn't anything to fear, and all of the insects decide to come to tea to share Miss Spider's courtesy. And they all become great friends. The end.

Favorite verse:
"The tea table was set for eight
With saucers, cups, and silver plate.
The cakes were fresh, the service gleamed,
Yet no one would arrive, it seemed.
Her company in no demand
Left her a cup for every hand."

Notes: friendship / sensitive / kind / trepidation / graceful / poem / sad / lonely / hostess / fear / gentle / insects / tea cups / tea pot / checkered tablecloth / flower bouquet / rubber bugs / rain / windows / spider web / fireflies / shriek / gloomy nook / ants / spotted moth / lightening flash / blossoms / silk thread / tea steam / hopeful / children

Nov 11 : sketches

I'm hooked on the idea of steam from a tea cup making the letter K and a silk thread for Miss Spider to hang from. Idea A has more elaborate steam coming from within the cup + a couple of insects flying away. Idea B is simpler and has the letter form curling from the shape of the cup. Since this is a children's book, I want the letter to be playful (and maybe sort of tender, like the book) but not too fancy or super intricate. What do you guys think? Do they read as "K"?

Nov 14 : more sketches

More sketches... same idea. The line weights are going to make or break the clarity of the K. I'm having trouble resolving that with sketches, so I'm going to start on vector and see where it leads. I'm going to use sketch E as a base - I like the sway of that one. I still hope to get a couple extra swirls of steam in - perhaps in a different color than the K shape. And hopefully a moth or two!

Nov 19 : art

Took a stab at cover art. I think the K is reading clearly at this point. I could endlessly tweak curves and opacity, but figure it's time for some input!

Jan 17 : art, revised

I put the project away for a couple of months... looked at it with fresh eyes and decided to get some more color in there. I did like having the spider heart being the only color pop in the last version, but this one is looking less ominous to me (it is a kid's book, afterall!) And the moths are more delicate, as described in the book.


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