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Miss Ntertainment - Entertainment News Worth Knowing

Miss Ntertainment (http://www.MissNtertainment.com) started as a behind-the-scenes blog about what it's like to travel around the world and interview musicians, movie stars and artists. It's now growing into a different way to look at entertainment news - without the gossip or backbiting nature that dominates headlines nowadays. 

If you couldn't care less about what Lindsay Lohan has done now, or don't know much about the Real Housewives of Wherever, Miss Ntertainment is the site to visit. 

At the moment, I am freelancing for a bunch of outlets - TV, radio, online and print - but I'd like to channel everything I do into the site, to create a multi-media newsroom of sorts, offering information, reviews, interviews, videos, audio clips - all around entertainment. 

I have access to stars who are promoting their new movies or music projects, but I'd also like Miss Ntertainment to be a site that shines a light on deserving new and upcoming talent, and also helps direct viewers/readers to 'entertainment news worth knowing.'

I'm trying to figure out the basics of how to continue my freelancing in this field and also grow my site at the same time, so that I end up creating a community that appreciates entertainment news. Hopefully that community becomes so big one day that no-one cares about tabloids anymore!


UPDATE - Freelance vs Entrepreneur:

For now, I'm a freelancer as I write and edit the stories. I would eventually like to hire people to contribute to the website in the future, but for the purposes of this step now, it's just me, so I'm a freelancer. 

UPDATE - Naming

I've been using Miss Ntertainment for many years, because of the 'N' in my name - Nadia Neophytou. Sometimes I wonder if this makes it difficult to find me, but I think it's also unique enough that if you know that it's without the 'E' in front, you'll find it. Also, you know that it's Entertainment News with something different.  


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