Miss Neutral plays with colors!!!

Hey all,

My name is miss neutral...ok no really, but I never wear non neutral colors.  My colors consist of browns, taupes, subtle pinks, etc.  I feel this class is going to take me out of my comfort zone and into a wider range of colors.

I had a bright blue/teal laying around that I haven't touched at all, it's in pristine condition.  I haven't even swatched it before! I wanted to pair the teal with a gold color to make it contrast and vibrant.  I decided to pair it with a neutral lip so it doesn't distract too much.  Threw a splash of peach blush on my face and was ready to go.

Here is my splash of color look!

This is my second look!  Had a little trouble with blending the corner color, took awhile to work with.  I played around with pinks and purples to achieve this look. I just now noticed that my sailor moon hoodie has similar colors.  Maybe that subconsciously made my color decision execution?  Shout out to all of the sailor moon fans out there!!!!


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