Miss Kinsman SWIM | PR & Communications Campaign

About Us (Boiler Plate):

Miss Kinsman is a line of elegant lingerie-inspired swimwear made in the USA founded, owned and operated by myself, designer Joanna Kinsman.

Reason for PR:
Miss Kinsman is a brand new line of swimwear that women are loving, and in the end we are looking to gain exposure and sales.

What PR Can Do for the Company:

We need to get the word out about the line in order to increase brand awareness, with the long term goal in mind of consumer loyalty, improving revenue and creating an upscale image within the media.

Size of Splash:

Since this is a swimwear line, this should certainly make a splash! The goal of the campaign is to reach potential buyers locally, nationally, and then globally. 

Lead Developer:

In addition to everything else, I’m the only one working on PR at the moment, but am interested in taking on PR interns as well as outsourcing some of these tasks to my virtual assistant. I do intend to hire an agency once we begin generating revenue. 

Importance of Sales and Who Runs These:

I’ve always been the type to network and nurture business relationships, and given that it’s just me, it’s imperative that these are important to me. Sales of course are unduly important.

Competitors Using a PR Firm:

I’m not sure how to tell truthfully. They appear to have placement in magazines, however being well known brands already found in most swim shops, it’s tough to know how they got there. I would assume with their revenue they must be using a firm. 

Time Period to Garner Press:

We are ready to push to the media for the spring/summer swimwear season so many of these connections need to be made now, particularly with magazines.   

Current Contacts:

- Access to media lists in fashion, fitness, women and lifestyle categories

- Fashion Bloggers via Twitter

- Other Designers

- Fashion Mentor in Boston

- Beauty & Fashion Stylists

- Models

- Photographers

Who To Meet:

- Editors

- Journalists

- VCs or Investors

- Incubators

- Thought Leaders

PR Goals:

- VC Interest
- Customer Traction & Revenue
- Recognition as a Business Person
- Fame

What The Competition is Doing:

Top brands in the industry: (undisclosed in this piece)

Notes: I’ve searched each of them in Google news but didn’t find anything. Where else can I look?

Find Out: Are they using a PR firm? Which? 

Plan: Track URL, publication and reporter name, create list of the top 5-10 journalists to build relationships with, read their work

Know: social data, story themes, story frequency

Prepared With:

Company Bio

Product Info

Relevant Images

Media Features

Customer Testimonials

Access to Miss Kinsman Press Room 

Who To Contact:

- Personally Acquired Media Lists

- Personally Built Contact Lists

- Those Who Have Covered Competition

- Try Standard Email Syntax of Larger Media - [email protected], [email protected]

- Bloggers

- Radio Producers

- Search Further on Google

- Find More Reporters, Journalists, Editors on Twitter

- Muckrack.com/publications

- Muckrack.com/newsroom

- Online Magazines

- Magazine Editors

- Newspaper Publishers

Free Opportunities:

HARO (signed up)

Google Alerts (signed up)



Paid Opportunities:


Business Wire




MuckRack Pro

PitchEngine Pro

Take Action:

Shows Level of Interest: Take to Coffee

Likes Brand: Take to Breakfast

Motivated Press & Influencers: Take to Dinner 


- PR Templates

- PR Subject Lines

- Press Releases

Email Template 1
Email Template 2

Email Template 3


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