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Blythe Jewell

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Miss Jackson (If You're Nasty)

I have an entire series in mind, of different quotes from 80s songs. This was my first stab at it -- "Miss Jackson If You're Nasty." Took me a while to settle on a look...


... but finally ended up with this....

... and after transferring it from grid paper I have this:

I need to perfect a few spots (the "T" in particular is really bugging me) and after that, inking is my next step. I've been putting that off because I suck at inking (can't seem to get my pen strokes as smooth as pencil). I'll get this done soon, though, and have some color scheme ideas in mind already. 

Would love feedback on the following:

- Getting pen strokes smooth as I trace this out for digitizing (do I even need to do this?)

- Perfecting the image for use in Illustrator (I am a total Illustrator novice, familiar only with Photoshop)

- Color scheme ideas



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