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Miss Flite's birds from Charles Dickens' Bleak House “Hope, Joy...Gammon, and Spinach.”

I'm reading Charles Dickens' Bleak House (he is in the picture) and this birdcage class got me thinking of Miss Flite and all her birds.


I used a more copper colored metal for my birdcage.  The only difficulty I had for this project was applying a shadow to Mrs. Flite's arms (a problem of my own making).  To apply a shadow, I first applied the shadow to the entire Mrs. Flite object, and then I had to make a copy of the hand/forearm portion of the arms (the part in front of the dress), place it underneath the original hands, and then make the hand/forearm portion black and translucent to mimic a shadow.  I am not 100% happy with it but it is better than it was before I made the fake shadow.

I really enjoyed this class (as usual!).  Making the birdcage and applying the texture to get a metal effect was helpful.  I also appreciate the texture resource from 

Helen, you are a mean, green, class making machine! LOL!


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