Lucas Scott

Melbourne, Australia



Misprint: Smart Texturing In Photoshop

My favourite app: Spotify

Here is the initial workshop result before adding Spotify graphics to my Smart Filters. I couldn't figure out why I was getting a different result, finally was able pinpoint a drop-down menu I missed during the tutorial and was able to fix it. This is the result.


Here is the first variation of the Spotify graphics. Not really adhering to the brief but this is the direction I went in. Using a simple record in place of the "O" and tried to make a Spotify advertisement. I kind of like the blurriness of the small text but realise that it wouldn't be great for an advertisement. At the moment it's on the same layer as the big text in the same colour. So I might try to seperate them and try and make that text a little crisper.


Added with speckles.


Final image. Fixed the small text by separating the layers. Little bit tedious in terms of having to add that new layer to the knockouts and also making sure I created a new layer and convert to smart object rather than editing the original file that I copied (Found that out the hard way and had to do the repeating records again). Added a little logo in the corner too. Glad with how it turned out, waiting for Spotify to call to create graphics for their next campaign! :)



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