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This story is going to be a two minute short I'm considering doing for my final film in school. It came to me while listening to this song:


So I think I might just pair the two up when I make it.

Logline: A young boy, caught in the rain, tries to seek shelter, until his curiousity makes him forget the rain altogether.

Felix is heading home after a long day at school. Missing his bus, he's stuck walking the entire way instead. As he ventures on down the road, he hears a rumbling from above him. The clouds have gotten darker and a few drops of rain begin to splay against the concrete sidewalk he's treading on. Before he knows it, the rain picks up and he is stuck in a downpour. He picks up his pace, and starts looking for some place to take shelter under. He eyes a bus shelter up ahead of him, but, as he turns the corner to peek inside, he sees that it is packed and there is no room for him at all. After looking around for something else to hide under and finding nothing, he, instead, decides to just run the rest of the way home.

He makes stride against the weather, covering his head with his school books as best as he can. The rain begins beating harder against the concrete, keeping pace with the sound of each of his pounding steps. Puddles have begun pooling on the ground and everything is completely soaked. Felix keeps running, but begins to slower his pace when he notices something reflecting in a puddle close by. He momentarily forgets about the rain entirely, and walks closer towards the plate sized puddle, until his toes are just barely touching the edges - there, looking back up at him, is the face of a creature he can't quite make out. All he could see clearly are the cool blue eyes looking back at him. Before he could take a closer look, the face grins and seemingly hops into the next nearby puddle. Then the next, and the next. It isn't long before Felix begins running after each puddle, following the mysterious creature and forgetting his journey home, altogether. Felix follows the creature to a clearing in a parking lot, where it settles in a puddle the size of a miniature kiddy pool. He slowly walks closer towards the edge of the water. The tips of his toes dipped into the edges of the puddle, as he cautiously leans in to look deeper into the pool. As he slowly leans forward towards the face in the water, the puddle suddenly reaches up and pulls him into its depths. Completely terrified and submerged in the pool, Felix is suddenly face to face with the creature he's been chasing - a spirit of some kind. The creature snickers and grins, and looks up towards the surface of the pool. Felix follows its gaze and is caught of guard when he sees the spirit start swimming towards the surface. He swims as fast as he can after it, but is a second too late.

The spirit hops out of the puddle, now a slick black cat. It shakes some water off of its fur, and trots away to find shelter from the beating rain. As it runs off, the rain starts to die down, and the parking lot begins to dry up at an alarming pace. We see the pool slowly start to disappear - with Felix still inside, pounding on the inside of the water's surface.


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