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Misfit Buddha

Hey All, 

I've decided that my brand is going to be called, "Misfit Buddha." This is actually something that I've been working on for sometime now, and I think this class will finally be able to give me that extra push in the right direction. 

Misfit Buddha is a brand that I wanted to create just as a side project, but now I'm really getting into it. I want to focus on buddha, spiritual designs, and have the audience be mostly yogis, but my main inspiration for this is the company, "Spiritual Gangster." Their designs and the purpose are exactly what I want to do, and I want to make my own line of that. 

To me, my brand, "Misfit Buddha," is a somewhat oxymoron. The buddha is a peaceful spirit but adding Misfit to the name shows that not all things are perfect and centered, like my life. haha So I wanted something that people could relate to, but also having something that is spiritual but funny at the same time. 

I've done a few sketches but this is one that I'm really feeling. I'm working on it, but I think its heading in the right direction. 

**I know that no can really critic any of this right now, because I don't have a design yet. I understand that. I'll hopefully have something up soon though. Just do what you can. :) **

Thanks for the feedback and I'm very excited to get started. 


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