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Sarah Covington

love the SKETCHINESS!!!



Mischief Managed!

Hello all

Okay so not the most unique of Titles but I  like it ^^ 

and the girls are on the same piece of paper >////> best friends what more can I say 

so ive got three characters  O.O mostly because I couldnt decide who I want to develope more because I love them all so much >.< Sorry Svet they had to be done >/////>

Haven and Hail are inseperable best friends and I cant develop one without the other threatening Violence if I dont give her equal time. these characters are from an Urban Fantasy setting so there will be the "usual" bunch of beasties and fantasy Creatures 

 Haven is a sassy Gun Wielding pigtailed girly girl who can kick some serious butt but has a softer much more caring side. she is usually seen in her sunshine tanktop and hat, the skirt is optional but its what I often draw her in. She is Human "Pauses to makes her hasnt gained any supernatural modifications while I wasnt looking"..Yes human about 19 years old and still relies on her mentor quite heavily. 

Hail is most certainly not Human, She likes Extreme sports and even more extreme fighting, she will use whatever is handy to get the job done and subue the enemy usually her bike or Skateboard, she's had to replace several, and because I'm a glutton for punisment and she wouldnt wear anything else she always wears bermuda "shorts" usually orange with flowers and flipflops which she manages to fight in cause she has mad skills. she's gotten a number of scars because she is a very up close and personal fighter, the most noticable of which are the slices across the left side of her face. she appears to be in her early 20s and please dont mind the super shojo style I love impossibly big eyes >///> 

Justin: Human he's whats know as a "Enforcer" Peace enforcer that is,  in the current regime the Peace enforcers are what keep Chaos from overrunning our fair city, unfortunately they have been in power so long that it has become a very corrupt orginization, Justin is one of the few who still believes in the ideals of his postion but has to find alternative ways to keep his honor as it were he took Haven under his protection and has taught her well ^^ More on him later <3 

Thankyou all for your time, My work is in the very sketchy but I love Pencil Sketching  >/////> so there you have it <3  Enjoy and please share with me your thoughts and any advice for improvement is appreciated. Thankyou all again <3 

YAY sorta >/////> Inking is not my strongest suit at this point  >/////> but theres her design Dont you just hate when you run out of room on the paper>.< I know I should get bigger paper but usually I can fit it for the most part >////< dont do a lot of full body pictures I think I should go back over this but there's Haven and her trusty friend Via Chibi Hail <3  

YAY more updates ^^  

We have Justin and more Sketches of Haven  <3 

Justin first sketch

Haven Sketches. 


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