"Mirror" (My D&D Character)

Mirror is my D&D Character ... and this one time... she was on a Pirate ship and ended up on Mirror Water and had to fight herself.


Pintrest board of inspirations:



concept sketches

3:... 4: .... and Final...

This technique was so incredibly fun! I learned a lot. ESP that I can't export from illustrator because I don't have enough memory in my computer. So... I made the paths in Photoshop and then filled with gradients. Locked layers to add brush strokes. 

I loved the bits about blending options and colors. I'll get the hang of it hopefully.

The only thing I just can't wrap my head around are Masks. 

And Maybe i'll try to edit it and make it more gritty. I have a hard time with that kind of thing so i'll keep practicing. I love all the texture everyone has in their work. I want to have that kind of interesting thing in my work too. :)


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