Miro's Surprise

Just a quick shot of the beginning of my project. I don't have the blocks suggested so I just painted blocks of color onto a large paper. I wanted to take this challenge to loosen me up since I do not usually let myself paint in a free and abstract way.

I was inspired by the Miro video Nicole sent out in the email. Especially the quote that said he never knew what he was going to paint and was always surprised himself. This is my motivation. To have no idea what I am going to paint just start putting down lines and see where it takes me. Even though these still seem to take on a form I am enjoying the process and hope to loosen up a bit more as the challenge goes on. I will post the entire sheet when I have finished. 

Thank you Nicole for posting these classes and the challenge! I am looking forward to your daily motivation for the next 2 weeks!


I like texture and tried to add some here but I am not sure how I feel about it in these more abstract works. I may  go back over them with solid color later. Decisions, decisions... 

Whoops! Jumped the gun and started making art too soon. What can I say, I get excited about these things. Will step back and take some time to find some inspiration before I proceed. Now, off to study up on these guys and find my inspiration pieces.






So hard to pick just a few pieces! I may not use all of these as inspiration but they are the ones that spoke to me the most at the moment. I even found a sculpture and added one piece by Paul Klee as well.

Here is my finished page. The top three are elements from Miro, one from Klee, and the rest are just me playing around. I like the one in the bottom right and plan to make a larger piece from it. Now I need to sketch out the plans.



Lots of sketching going on here but I won't post pictures of it all. On the left I was drawing straight from some of Miro's work and on the right I am trying to figure out the composition for my final piece.


A quick sketch of the my final composition. Now onto acrylic.


Here it is in acrylic. I may try it in one more medium.


Here's the watercolor version. I can't decide which way I prefer it. Any thoughts or constructive criticism?


Multiplication! I accidentally came up with this color combination but really enjoy it.


Nicole, this isn't actually for the class but after you directed me to Gary Hirsch I couldn't help myself. It was much more challenging than I expected. It is very difficult to come up with so many different ways to make a robot and made me realize two things. One, how few tools I have in pattern, shape, and design. Two, if I use those few good in creative ways then the outcome can look completely different. So, thanks for the second challenge you didn't even know you were giving me.


Sometimes I go crazy and just keep layering things on top of each other. I usually don't really care for the results but they are fun. This started out as more mini paintings but I just couldn't stop myself from adding more. 

Thank you Nicole for this challenge. It opened me up in many directions, as you can see, and I learned more about my process and of course more about Miro. I also wanted to say thank you to the other students. I learned from each of you, thank you for sharing your work. It was a fun two weeks.


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