Mirlo bird

Mirlo bird - student project


Lately have been appearing some birds like this one next to my window. They come to pick up some white raspberries and then leave. As they are so fast, I've never been able to take a picture of any of them so I've decided to paint one and add it to my sketchbook.


Mirlo bird - image 1 - student project


I will probably write something about it around the painting. Which I am really impressed with the results, the techniques Anna has taught us has helped me a lot to learn how to blend the colors of these alcohol markers. I've tried it in the past and it was always dissapointing and frustrating. So from now on I'll be able to give some use to my Windsor and Newton markers. I tried copics too for this painting but I didn't enjoy the as much as the others. 

Doesn't it happen to you that you end up enjoying more cheaper materials than the most expesive ones?

Anyway, below you'll see the sketch too. I guess the class inspired me a lot beause I like the sketch so much I am a bit sad to have covered it with the markers. Maybe I should start to keep the sketches, transfer them as Anna did to the sketchbook and then paint it.


Mirlo bird - image 2 - student project


Oh! and a picture of the sketchbook I chose. It's not the best for this material but I really wanted to use this one.

About the technique, I tried to use the composition focusing the attention on the bird's face. I didn't quite get the curvy lines to point at the bird I think but I tried to make it pop up using the colors. First, making a bright green background and second, with the orange of the eye and the beak.


Mirlo bird - image 3 - student project

Hope you like it and see you in more projects :)