Michael Giannii Calvert

Founder at RAWRSoft




This is my first game and I'm really excited about building it. I come from animation and musical background that I went to school for but never had the opportunity to use. That is until recently I decided I wanted to start a small studio. So far it's just me but in time I hope to grow it.

What do I want to build?

A very simple chapter based adventure game, where you learn magic under the advisement of an absent minded wizard.

Chapter 1: Lost thoughts

Your teacher (The Wizard) mislabeled some ingredients for a spell he's been developing and by accident casts away his memory.

You must travel deep into the depths of the castle to find a remedy. You may encounter some things that you've never suspected to live under the castle. You must use what you've learned while being an apprentice and develop new magical skills along the way.

Assignment #1: Meteor Shower Spell

This first project was really just learning the toolset for the first time so I decided to create a what looks like an incoming meteor shower with floating objects. It seemed timely. It meets all the criteria of the first project and I think it looks pretty cool.


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