Miranda and the Merman

Miranda and the Merman - student project


A centuries-old curse was put on Harry's family and is now slowing killing him. His only chance of survival is to either break or find a way to stop it. 

That is where new resident Miranda Adams-Miller comes in. Newly divorced and a witness to a lifetime of crappy marriages, Miranda is enlisted to help Harry break the curse.

But first, she has to get past all of what happened in her past. Because like it or not, Harry and Miranda are tied together.

Can they get past their families' mistakes, their pain, to be who they are meant to be and what the other needs?



One sentence about the Plot:

Harry must break his family curse-the curse that is evolving to the point it will kill him if he either can't stop it or break it.


One Sentence about the Story:

Miranda needs to overcome her past, her pain, and everything that's holding her back from both healing and loving Harry.




This image above is not mine but was found on a lovely free digital wallpaper site.