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Monica Messaggi Kaya

UX/UI enthusiast - "designy-geeky"



Miracles happen

I've always been attracted by the phrase "Miracles happen everyday" since I was little. I believe in the magic and wonder of things happening unexpectedly and the surprise and awe of the person seeing it happening, witnessing or even participating of the whole thing.

And I couldn't possibly leave this phrase behind in this project....

I thought the following words relating to the phrase:

  • faith
  • awe
  • surprise
  • angels
  • divine
  • heaven
  • birds
  • feather
  • wings
  • seedlings
  • tears
  • happiness
  • sun
  • sunshine
  • rays of sun
  • prayer
  • hands
  • clouds
  • magic
  • sparkle

I found some images that illustrate some or a combination of these words...



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