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Miolympics Logo

Choosing a "brand" for this logotype was difficult. I didn't want to do my name because... I didn't. So I researched hand lettering, looked at Pinterest, made some moodboards, etc. And then my family made plans to go up north to a little town called Mio for the weekend. A few years ago while at the family cabin, my father-in-law created the Miolympics (Mio + Olympics = Miolympics). Basically, yard sports and table top games played in teams over the weekend. Winners were declared and trophies awarded. So this year we were all up for a second round of the Miolympics. It also meant I figured out the subject for my logotype.

A moodboard:


Some process sketches. I had to move quickly with this logotype as I only had about 4 days before the Miolympics began.


I also took Ray's advise and traced my letters backwards. That helped me define some curves, find connections and ligatures and create a more solid logotype. Nearing the final here.



And the final vector:


I know, kind of boring for a final output. However, my end goal for this logotype was to screen print t-shirts for each team competing in the Miolympics, which I did. So the final output of this project were 3 different team shirts, each custom printed with this logotype. I prepped & burned the screen & printed the t-shirts on the first night of the Miolympics; all of which is very fun for me.

There are definitely areas I would like to improve this logotype, like spending more time studying the line widths and composition of the project. Overall, I am really excited about this as I have wanted to create a successful hand lettered project for some time now.

Pictures to follow of the t-shirts.  

Comments & critique appreciated!


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