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Hannah Olsson Vilson




Minty fabric on the star

I've always wanted to create my own mockups, but have had such a hard time understanding how they were done! :D 
This class certainly helped tremendous!

I made a creative commons search on Flickr for women in fashion and found this great picture with the model Miranda Kerr, photographed by Eva Rinaldi Photography.  


I can't say I had a pattern at this moment I reeeeally wanted to use on a dress, but just to get the practice and see if I could do it, I used a pattern I failed with and will remake.... So please know that I know that it's not... done.. :D Haha!


This is how it turned out. 
I guess it looks a little fake, but overall I'm really satisfied with it though. :)

Thank you, Agnieszka! :) 



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