Minty Tote Bags

Minty Tote Bags - student project


I will be creating a label for screenprinted tote bags that I made. I want to give them a finished look before I sell them. The illustrations on the bags are whimsical and a little odd, and that is how I want my label to feel. I want my label to be interesting and something the customer wants to keep afterwards. 

Minty Tote Bags - image 1 - student project

Thumbnail Sketches

Here are some thumbnail sketches i've been working on. 

Minty Tote Bags - image 2 - student project

                                                                                                      Minty Tote Bags - image 3 - student project


I am still experimenting with different shapes and text placement. I feel like after doing these sketches I know which direction I want to go in for my label. I'm really inspired by circus lettering and so I want to incorporate that into my design. The circus is full of weird, whimsical things so I think it would work well with my tote bags.

Here is another moodboard I created that relates to the circus theme.

Minty Tote Bags - image 4 - student project

Tag Shape

Here I drew out a few different tag shapes in Illustrator to get an idea of what I'll have to work inside of. I'm thinking of doing two tags one with the label, and the other will have cleaning instructions for the bag.

Right now i'm leaning towards the third one, because it will give me more space to work with, and I think it's a little more playful.  

Minty Tote Bags - image 5 - student project

Final Sketches

Minty Tote Bags - image 6 - student project


Any feedback is welcome! :)