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What is Minsct?

Minsct (pronounced ‘min-st’) is a performance adventurewear brand and cultural medium with a sustainable conscience. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, its existence originates from the unstoppable human desire to create, absorb and share progressive ideas. Working as a collaborative family, we have made it our mission to bring you exclusive, timeless garments built for life’s epic journey.


Heritage matters.

Everything created under Minsct is influenced by our unique Western Canadian Coastal environment. Our production process revolves around placing ultimate emphasis on fine details, quality materials and simplified aesthetic. Embodied in each garment you will find subtle hints of our strong Canadian heritage.


The Logo

Behind every great brand, there is a great logo. Our "white tooth" logo represents our ongoing battle to be the graceful yet fiercely respected apex predators of this increasingly competative industry. As much as we consider this brand our passion, in the end, it is also a business. May only the fittest survive.

Who are the people behind the brand?

Justin Pelletier, while in his 3rd year of College, originally created Minsct as a way to outlet his creativity. Only a year later, more young and talented individuals have joined the team and are currently involved in the project. Think of us as a family of highly motivated thread butchers.


Keeping your cornea's happy.

Color plays a major role in every garment produced here at Minsct. Yes, black and a white will always be a part of great clothing but we enjoy experimenting with nearly every shade on the wheel.

The Slogan

The outstanding message behind our brand can be found in our slogan 'The Visionary Is You'. Essentially, we believe that every individual is a Visionary in their own right. Never underestimate your own power.

Do your part.

As educated and conscious individuals we realize that we have a responsibility to give back to the planet we take from. Each season we make an effort to include a different charity that benefits very real issues occuring everyday. This is from Spring 2013:


Yes, the future will come.

Here at Minsct, we strive to create quality pieces that push the boundaries of current trends. As the present becomes future, we aim to provide more seasonally relevant and sustainable pieces that possess an increasingly technical aspect. Due to obvious reasons, no more can be said about that.

Finally, we want to emphasize that our clothing is just a small piece of the elaborate puzzle. You are the ambassador of your reality. Realize your potential and your voyage has already begun. After all, THE VISIONARY IS YOU.

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