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Minotaur Sequence

Assignment Two: Minotaur Sequence

Edit: Third draft

Introduced Theseus into the beginning. Thought about screen direction and tried to make it so one enters the labyrinth to the right, and Ariadne waits on the left side, while the minotaur approaches from the right.

And just for fun, I tried fleshing out the characters a little bit. My minotaur is a weird hairy guy.

Thanks for looking!



Assignment One:  The Goose Herder

Made a few edits due to Daniel's insightful critque. I feel that its much stronger overall! It's important to make sure primary elements have space to breathe and be seen, and that all secondary elements are directing your eye towards the important stuff.  Thanks Daniel, loved all the videos!


After reading through the slideshow a few times, I made this image. The idea is that the girl is confined in a square environment, and longs for the circles and triangles of the outside. In order for the girl to be focal point, I made her the highest contrast and allowed the building behind her to cut through her. I wanted the eye to be led up to the castle, so I pointed her staff and the diagonal roof of the building at it. 

Now reading through the slideshow again, I think more could have been done with the girl's pose and expression. She feels neutral. 

Thanks for looking!



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