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Hi everyone! My name is Augusto Patiño, from Peru, and I'm honored to be here with you all and teacher Yuko. First of all,  HUGE thanks to Yuko-sensei and Skillshare for making this course possible! It's my very first time in online classes and I could not be more thrilled!

Now, I do have experience with traditional media, since I did study art, but I've been doing digital illustration and design for so long that I was itching to go back to pencil, paper and ink, and this class is the perfect reason to do so!

The subject of my project is a "character" with which I came up a while ago. I say "character" because I haven't really thought of a backstory for it, he is simply a slightly surrealistic blend of ideas that just seemed cool to mix.

This above is my sketch, fortunately I was able to redraw it on my board (watercolor paper block) without really losing the composition... (BTW sorry for the cellphone pictures, don't have a scanner at hand right now :/)

...and this is what I inked just tonight! You might be able to tell I'm into comic art, that probably shows, but still I wanted to apply some different textures like the smoke below and the treatment of the scales in the face. Tomorrow I'll try and ink the bigger arms!

(UPDATE: July 17th 2014)

Finally got to ink part of the arms! I know I wrote "tomorrow" last time but, too much work and personal stuff (nothing bad btw, just duty) I decided to use more ink wash to give it more variation and to make shading a bit easier. Found out my ink is not waterproof though... so I'll have to go back and redraw some lines. For his right (open) hand, I've laid the wash first, I'll let it dry before inking the lines.


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