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Minority Report - Revisiitng Precrime

I was thinking of what movie to do and I always remember Minority Report fondly as one of those movies I just want to keep on watching indefinately. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to use the assets that I have started making in Illustrator but I'm still figuring that out. 

I like this movie because it has a really interesting concept, Precrime. I like the concept that someone created technology that could peredict crime before it happens and there is a whole task force dedicated to stopping the crimes before they happen.

The futuristic interface UI and the way the future functions is intriguing .There are interesting gadgets that are pretty awesome. Go watch it if you haven't



* Futuristic

* Precrime

* Conceptual

* Action

* interface

* Sci-fi

* Badge

I looked for references and this is what I've found

Pretty cool representation of the precogs but not feeling the toilet characters so much

Got some HUD inspiriation from here but still making all the assets

some cool ideas in here especially the broken up circle in the centre

I want to incorporate this logo with the other HUD elements because they might transition well together because they are both circular.

Cool minimalist poster idea

Really like the style of this but not entirely sure how I would incorporate it

The movie poster


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