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Minority Rapport

I've re-written this "about me" section about five times.  It's hard to describe to others exactly what your trying to create, but hopefully throughout this class you can see where I'm headed.

My company is called Minority Rapport.  Its a play on words from the movie Minority Report. It means we as a minority conduct ourselves, however I'm not referring to "minorities" in the racial sense.  Minority Rapport refers to a groups of like minded designers, artists, musicians, writers, sculptors, creators, curators etc... Its a celebration of those who've contributed to culture in our history.  The Logo itself is a take on Davinci's Vitruvian man, a symbol of symetry, proportion and balance. 

I've thought of a tagline for for the line which is "Our actions define us".  Pretty straight forward, what we put out on to the world will tell those after our generation what we were about, what influenced us and what we found inportant enough to highlight.

If I havn't lost you yet then we'll probably be collaborating soon enough. Thanks for reading.  -Yefry


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