Minish Cap

Minish Cap - student project

I really like the art styleof this ad, with the bold outlines and the almost watercolour painting. I won't be putting the Japanese words, so it'll be more like this:

Minish Cap - image 1 - student project

Version 1: Blocks of Colour.

Minish Cap - image 2 - student project

My next progress: May 20: finished most of the basic colours. Some is a bit rough because I haven't done the outlines yet. (Or the highlights/shadows). All of this was done in pen tool. 

Minish Cap - image 3 - student project

Incase anyone wants to know how I categorized my item, here is a picture of my workspace:

Minish Cap - image 4 - student project

(left to right) There is a full image of the "finished basic colours, Closep of one of the Minish Caps, My layers and names (Minish 1 is the same character shown in the last photo), and a image to show how I categorize my layers. This is a huge image, and it took more time than usual, but I will usually label everything path created. 

Also, the background may be more complicated as it is in a painter/watercolour style. I haven't decided whether I will leave it simple or create all the different background images yet. 

Next step: Add highlights and shadows... coming up soon.

Zenia Tsui

Corporate Brand Police by Day, Art Ninja by Night