Lisa Cerezo

Co-owner at Psychic Joker Entertainment



Minions of the Psychic Joker

There was a time when people believed in magic. Real magic, not just oddities or feats of strength or sleights of hand. People believed that magicians had abilities beyond those of mere men and women. Magic was revered as the highest form of performing art, and magicians--good magicians--had the world at their feet.

Today, people hear the word "magician" and they think of someone who does card tricks at their child's birthday party.

I intend to change that.

My company's goal is to bring the art of magic back into its rightful place in the public consciousness. There is so much more to magic than most people expect; we want to truly amaze people and fill them with wonder. We have the talent; we have the stage. We just need the audience.


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