Minion Dave Animation | Skillshare Projects

Andre Accoo II

Graphic Designer, Web/Multi-Media Designer



Minion Dave Animation

First I would like to say thank you to Fraser Davidson for this awesome class. I wanted to learn how to do animation of characters in AE for a very long time but I dont know where to start until I took Fraser's class. I wanted to create a character that my 2 yr old daughter loves so much, Minion Dave (note: I know someone did a minion animation but I wanted to accomplish this from a different angle). 

I had some difficulty with the positioning with the arms and hands since they both weren't connected but I figured if I rotate them both the same way, they will meet up like they were attached. 

Other than that I am happy with my creation and my daughter LOVES IT even more! I will be creating more to practice and to advance my skills. Thank you again, Fraser for this class. Heres my animation: Minion Dave (of Despicable Me movies)... Enjoy!



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